All research conducted by LJR Custom Strategies is custom-designed to reflect each project’s unique characteristics and tailored to our client’s background and needs.


Our team is hands on.
We are a boutique firm that has consciously chosen to remain small so we can focus on every client and project.
You are guaranteed full access to the firm’s principals at every phase of your project – from sampling strategy, to instrument design, to implementation, to analysis.

Methodological Rigor

We pay attention to every detail.
We work with the project team to design highly accurate, statistically reliable samples of the target audience and continually verify our samples throughout the survey process to ensure that our sample mirrors the contours of the full population.
We work with the project team to design questionnaires and discussion guides that capture all of the information they seek. After receiving background information about the project, we quickly present a draft document for review and we will revise and edit the instrument as needed.

Concise Deliverables

We custom-design our research deliverables so they are succinct and speak to our client’s specific needs.
We are highly regarded for our quick turnaround, because the results aren’t useful until we get them into our clients' hands.

Actionable Strategic Recommendations

We are experienced in presenting findings to clients ranging from those who have never done research before to high level research department staff at national organizations.
We have earned a reputation for presenting our findings in clear and understandable ways so our clients can use them to their best advantage.