LJR Custom Strategies specializes in Quantitative and Qualitative research focused on providing our clients with direction to reach their key audiences and guide their strategic decision making. Every project is specifically designed to test reaction to themes, messages, products, materials, proposals, and plans.
LJR Custom Strategies' principals partner with colleagues in politics, communications, public affairs, management consulting, and international development to provide data-driven Project Management Services.
  • Telephone, Online, and Print Surveys

    LJR Custom Strategies uses surveys to help clients understand the perceptions, attitudes, and demographics of a statistically reliable sample of their target universe – members, constituents, donors, alumni, customers, or voters.

    LJR Custom Strategies Survey Services Include:

    - Questionnaire design
    - Sampling strategy
    - List acquisition and management
    - Data collection
    - Sample monitoring to insure respondents
      represent sampled universe
    - Data processing
    - Analysis
    - Reporting

    Survey Deliverables Typically Include:

    - Topline results
    - Verbatim and coded responses to any open ended questions
    - Full data set crosstabulated against a wide array of
      demographic variables
    - Graphic charts interwoven with strategic analysis
    - A presentation of the findings

  • Focus Groups, In-Depth Interviews (IDIs), and Usability Testing

    LJR Custom Strategies utilizes Focus Groups, IDIs, and Usability Testing to delve more deeply into individual lines of questioning and to test sample materials by placing them in the hands of our target audience in order to gauge their reaction.

    Focus Group, IDI, and Usability Testing Services Include:

    - Recruiting/Screening questionnaire design
    - Sampling strategy
    - List management
    - Recruit monitoring to insure participants
       represent desired population
    - Logistics coordination at project site (room setup,
       catering, etc.)
    - Discussion guide design
    - Moderating/Interviewing
    - Audio and video recording of the proceedings
    - Transcription
    - Analysis
    - Reporting

    Focus Group, IDI, and Usability Testing Deliverables Typically Include:

    - Demographic characteristic lists of focus group participants
    - Written transcripts of proceedings
    - Audio and video of the proceedings
    - Results of any handouts or questionnaires
      completed by interviewees
    - Analysis of the project findings
    - Presentation of the results

  • Whether the goal is winning a campaign, persuading a particular demographic, engaging a target audience, or cultivating democratic institutions and practices in transitional societies, LJR Custom Strategies project management services help our clients bridge the gap between data and direction.

    We have extensive experience organizing and implementing opinion research efforts in difficult overseas environments - whether the situation calls for a stand-alone survey, a discreet round of focus groups, or a long-term research program.

    Here at home, LJR Custom Strategies has extensive experience managing diverse teams in pursuit of a common goal. We partner with our clients and our colleagues in advertising, public relations, management consulting, and other sectors to design and implement research studies to inform and guide the entire team’s overall effort.